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US F1 recruits from defunct teams

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November 25, 2009 « Donington boss refuses to ditch Grand Prix dreams | »

Ken Anderson, the co-principal of the new US F1 team, has revealed that he had been inundated with applications from employees from Toyota following the Japanese manufacturer's withdrawal from Formula One.

"I've got no agenda," Anderson told the Racin' Today website. "I want the best person for the job. We're a melting pot. I'd be crazy not to invest in the best people out there. The talent pool that's available is bigger than ever."

US F1 has already hired some established names such as Steve Brown, the former research and development officer at Brawn GP. "We have some really good guys with current F1 knowledge," said Anderson. "It's not like we've been doing this in a vacuum."

He added the changes to the regulations can only benefit the team. "Next year is going to be a paradigm shift to narrow front tyres and no re-fueling. We've got an 1100-pound car and we're starting with 350 pounds of fuel. That's the biggest change since '94. I think there's going to be a lot of people caught out by that. We've concentrated on the things we can control."

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