• First Barcelona Test, Day Two

Marbles a problem for Ricciardo

ESPN Staff
February 20, 2013 « Live Barcelona testing | Ferrari admits some exhaust concerns »
Daniel Ricciardo found marbles to be a bigger surprise than tyre degradation © Sutton Images

Daniel Ricciardo described the marbles deposited following some cars as like drivers "shooting rubber pellets" after he completed his running for the second test at Barcelona.

Once again the main topic of conversation during pre-season has been around the struggles to make the Pirelli tyres last. Ricciardo admitted they were difficult to work with in the cool conditions but was not concerned it would still be the case come the start of the season and said marbles were his biggest concern at the Circuit de Catalunya.

"They're providing a challenge, definitely," Ricciardo said. "It's still obviously early days and conditions are very cool - we probably won't come across many of these conditions during the racing calendar - but they're challenging at the moment. I'm not sure if they're doing what they thought they would or what they were expecting, but some of the working ranges for the tyres have changed this year - I think they all have actually - and maybe we're just not reaching the working range to really see what they tyre's supposed to do.

"It's still early, but let's say for example today was quite a challenge because there were quite a bit of marbles and stuff as well. Particularly some guys on long runs that I came behind it's like they're shooting rubber pellets at me!"

With many drivers complaining about the tyres not allowing them to complete much meaningful testing, Ricciardo said he just wants to get racing and is sure conditions will be better in Australia.

"I think it's important now to just not get frustrated or definitely not be negative about anything because I think once racing starts it's going to be a different story. It doesn't hurt to be quick here; I would like to be P1 but it's not really the aim. It's gone quick, it feels like testing hasn't really started as soon as it's finished but I'm happy to go racing and I'm sure that once we're in Melbourne we're going to be more than ready to attack and hopefully start the season on a high."