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Good vibe at Toro Rosso - Ricciardo

ESPNF1 Staff
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Daniel Ricciardo and Jean-Eric Vergne make up the least experienced driver pairing on the grid © Getty Images
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Daniel Ricciardo says that there is "a good vibe" at Toro Rosso due to the new driver pairing of himself and Jean-Eric Vergne.

The pair replaced Jaime Alguersuari and Sebastien Buemi over the winter, leading to a driver line-up that boasts just 11 race starts in total, all of which come from Ricciardo for HRT last year. When asked what he and Vergne could achieve this season Ricciardo said that while race positions were still unclear he was sure they would get the maximum out of the team and that the early signs were positive.

"It's hard to make predictions for now; whether we can achieve eighth, seventh or whatever," Ricciardo said. "But what I do know is we're both more or less rookies - well [Vergne's] a rookie, I'm half a rookie - and we're very competitive, particularly against each other. So I know we're going to push the team as far as they can go. For them as well I think it's a new motivation, a new challenge which brings more motivation or a different kind of motivation to have two new people in the car.

"So from what I've seen and the feeling within the meetings there's a good vibe, basically. Everyone is doing as much as they can for us and to make us feel as comfortable as we can so we can get the results. Obviously I don't want to talk too soon but so far it's looking good."

While insisting his time with HRT had been helpful, Ricciardo admitted that the more competitive Toro Rosso would see him learning a lot more this season.

"I think it will have helped quite a lot. Just simple things like first race nerves - I think I've got most of that out of my system - and then just racing, doing 60/70 laps under the intensity of a Formula One race ... Now there's more opportunity to hopefully score some points and really get more in to the thick of the field. Racing competitively with maybe Schumacher, these more experienced guys who I'm sure I can learn a lot from, and hopefully beat them as well."