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Toro Rosso has 'good expectations' - Ricciardo

ESPN Staff
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Daniel Ricciardo: "The team is saying everything's running to plan and on schedule" © Sutton Images
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Daniel Ricciardo says Toro Rosso's 2013 car is on schedule and that the team has "good expectations" for the new season.

Ricciardo is preparing for his second full season with Toro Rosso and has spent his winter training in Australia. With the first pre-season test starting on February 5 Ricciardo told the official Toro Rosso website he has been staying in touch with the progress the team is making with the new car but will reserve his own optimism until he's driven it for the first time.

"I'm in constant contact and now that obviously New Year and the fun's over it's back in to business mode," Ricciardo said. "I've just been getting some info on how it's all looking. It looks good of course, the team is saying everything's running to plan and on schedule - which is the first thing you want to hear - but in terms of how the car's going to perform no-one's really going to say too much until we're out on track. So even if they tell me it's the best thing since sliced bread I'm not going to get too excited until I drive it and feel comfortable myself. But we've got good expectations, definitely."

Ricciardo also said he would be driving the new Toro Rosso on the opening day of the first test in Jerez and that he is eager to get back in the car.

"I'll be driving on the first day, so the 5th of February, so not long at all. Three weeks I think, so it's good stuff, I can't wait. I just hope it's not too cold because I'm used to the heat now!

"I got the holiday spirit out of my system and enjoyed a good time in Australia but since I've been training now - all my friends as well are back at work - so it feels like we're back in business and ready to go. Training's fun, I enjoy it but there's nothing that I enjoy more than driving the car. That's the best training we get, so hanging out for the testing but mainly the race. I'd like Melbourne to come around quickly; testing's alright but racing's better!"