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Dan Hardy changes Mohawk & weight for Chris Lytle

ESPN staff
July 11, 2011
Expect Dan Hardy to be lighter against Chris Lytle © Getty Images

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Dan Hardy has made radical changes to his weight, and his trademark Mohawk, ahead of what he calls a "career-defining" fight with Chris Lytle at UFC Live.

Hardy is hoping to snap a losing streak that dates back to November 2009 when he faces Lytle on August 14. Since beating Mike Swick at UFC 105, Georges St-Pierre, Carlos Condit and Anthony Johnson have all beaten the Outlaw, and it is highly likely his UFC career will end with defeat to Lytle.

As a result Hardy has gone back to basics. He admits he attempted to get bigger following his loss to St-Pierre, when he was repeatedly taken down, and he again actively tried to put on weight to match the size of Johnson.

For Lytle, Hardy plans to be as fast as he has been since arriving in the UFC, and he will signal the new era with a change of colour for his usually-red Mohawk.

"In the last two fights, I haven't done my skill set any justice. I've been really disappointed with my performance in the gym and inside the Octagon," Hardy told the ESPN UFC Podcast.

"Since the Georges St-Pierre fight I've been experimenting with weight-cutting. The Anthony Johnson fight, I didn't want to be an undersized opponent. I gained a lot of weight ever since the GSP fight, doing things like power-training, and a lot of it has been detrimental to me.

"The extra weight has slowed me down so I've cut that down. I started training camp at 190lbs this time, and I've been staying between 185 and 190, and I feel awesome. I'm landing three or four times as many punches per round in sparring, I feel like I can go forever - I feel like the Duracell bunny!"

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