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Jon Jones knows I would beat him - Rashad

ESPN staff
July 23, 2011

Rashad Evans has made another attempt to wind up UFC light-heavyweight Jon Jones, by claiming even Jones knows Evans will win when the pair meet in the future.

Jones and Evans used to claim they were like family, having spent years training at Greg Jackson's camp together. However, an ugly split left them on collision course only for Jones to pull out - citing the need for surgery.

That surgery eventually did not happen, but it was too late to reschedule the fight. As a result, Evans is heading for Tito Ortiz at UFC 133, while Jones will meet Rampage Jackson at UFC 135.

Evans remains convinced the claim by Jones that he needed hand surgery was an excuse to avoid fighting him. And he claims the reigning champion has the psychological burden of knowing Rashad is the better fighter.

"I know if I get to fight Jon Jones for that belt, I know I'm going to beat Jon Jones," Evans told FightWeek. "I already know it and Jon knows it.

"For some reason, he has like a fear and maybe it's because of what he knows I can do. But he tries to pretend like he's cocky and pretend like he's this, that and the other but he knows what time it is.

"It's no accident that he figured out he didn't have to have thumb surgery after I signed to fight Phil Davis. That's no accident. That's not something that just happens. He knew what he was doing. He knows what time it is. There's a reason why he did that whole situation.

"There's a reason why every time he sees me, he tries to act all huffy and puffy and he wants to act like he's tough or try to portray like he is. I see right through that kid. He knows I see him. I know all his weaknesses and I know how to capitalise on those weaknesses. I only need to know one thing about that dude - he will quit.

"My technique could be total sh*t, trash. But I know one thing - I can make him quit. And he will quit."

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