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'Goon' Bisping has 'pillow fists' - Mayhem Miller

ESPN staff
September 16, 2011
Michael Bisping has no idea what he's saying according to Jason Miller, who plans to embarrass the Brit later this year © Getty Images

Jason Miller has labelled Michael Bisping a "goon" of a fighter, who is predictable and runs away when he feels threatened.

Miller is the rival coach to Bisping on what is expected to be an explosive 14th season of The Ultimate Fighter. The pair will culminate their series by sharing the Octagon in December, with Bisping convinced he is en route to a shot at Anderson Silva.

Mayhem has other ideas though, claiming he sees nothing special in the Briton other than his work ethic. Bisping is often credited with tactical hands and a strong wrestling base, both in attack and defence, but Miller insists he will make the Wolf's Lair man look average.

"As a fighter, he's like a goon," Miller told USA Today. "He's not the brightest fighter, not the most smart in the cage.

"But he's an excellent athlete. You definitely can see that he works hard, because in all his fights, he doesn't gas. He goes hard and goes hard. I can understand that, because I put in the effort in the gym and it shows in the cage.

"But you know what he's going to do. He's going to run at you with punches, and then he's going to jab and run away when he feels threatened. My goal is to have him running away the whole time.

"More than likely, he's going to be on his head eventually during the fight. He'll have to play my game, and I know he doesn't want to do that. My game being, the beat-your-[butt] style.

"Let's not get carried away. I'm absolutely better. I'm way better on the ground. If it was a boxing match, I'd say we're about even. But it's not, so I'm going to take him out hopefully in the first round."

Miller also responded to Bisping's recent comments, when the American was said to have produced "very feeble" attempts to wind Bisping up during the show. In Miller's eyes, the left corner of the Brit's mouth has no idea what the right corner is saying.

"That's par for the course for Bisping. He always speaks out of both sides of his mouth," Miller explained. "Like he always says [don't bring up] family, and then he brings up my family. I mean, come on. I don't even care; I love my sister. I think it's just more [dirty] behaviour from the king of the [dirtbags].

"I think most of the time, Michael does not understand what he's saying. He just talks and talks, then counters himself on a point. Like I said, both sides of the mouth.

"He's got to tell himself that I'm scared to make himself feel better about the fight. He knows that I never quit. He knows I never stop. He knows I've got a rock head and he's got pillow fists. So it's going to be hell for him to fight me. He knows it and he's worried."

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