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Rashad tells Jon Jones: 'Go smack yourself'

ESPN staff
November 3, 2011
Rashad Evans talks to ESPN

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Rashad Evans insists it is clear for all to see who is ducking whom in his spat with Jon Jones, insisting the reigning UFC light-heavyweight champion made up an excuse to get out of their scheduled fight.

Evans and Jones have been set to fight on several occasions, with Jones pulling out of their initial fight to correct a long-standing thumb problem. The second proposed bout saw Evans forced to withdraw due to his own hand problem, which is now healing successfully.

Jones has been vocal in his belief that Rashad's injury was just an excuse to avoid the fight, but Evans simply asks what does he have to gain by declining a title shot.

"Why would I want to duck Jon Jones? I'm not the champion, it's not like I've got the belt. I'm trying to get to where he's at, so why would I be ducking the champion?" Evans told ESPN.

"He came out with all that nonsense, 'Rashad's ducking me'... I feel like saying, 'Go smack yourself.'

"Let's be honest here, I wouldn't even have a broken hand if I hadn't been fighting Tito [Ortiz], which came about when [Jones] pretended like he had a broken thumb against Rampage.

"We were scheduled to fight September 24, but he ends up saying he can't do that fight because he's got an old thumb injury that he's had since High School.

"Dude, you've got an injury you've had since High School and you've been killing people with it. It's not bothering you anymore. So then he finds out he doesn't need surgery on it so he decides to take another fight [with Lyoto Machida].

"You tell me who's ducking who."

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