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Davis mocks Rashad, tells press Evans is on drugs

ESPN staff
January 26, 2012
Rashad Evans and Phil Davis go to war

Rashad Evans and Phil Davis exploded into a verbal war at the UFC on Fox 2 press conference, and it was the former light-heavyweight champion who appeared to lose his cool.

Things began respectfully between the two fighters, with the undefeated Davis describing Evans as the "outright No. 1 contender". Evans also admitted that while the fight is personal, it's not "personal personal" as it was with Rampage Jackson.

However, the room exploded when a journalist offered quotes from Evans to Davis, in which Evans claimed he was the better wrestler and could beat Davis in a straight out wrestling match right now. Davis boasts much the better college record, a four-time NCAA Division One All-American with a 117-16 record, compared to the 48-34 record of Evans.

"Cocaine's a hell of a drug, it's crazy what the kids do nowadays," Davis quipped. "I encourage imagination, but no, he can't beat me at wrestling. He couldn't beat me at thumb-wrestling."

Evans rapidly responded, shouting: "You've trash technique. You couldn't win anything at an international level. I've watched you at college level and your technique's trash."

Davis, sensing his man was flustered, countered: "What have you been watching?! Wow! You got to test him - he's on drugs!"

Things then almost kicked off again when Davis was asked what his understanding was of the title situation, after president Dana White refused to answer whether Davis would get the next shot at Jon Jones if he won.

Davis responded: "I think he means, when I hit Rashad too hard and bust my hand, I won't get the title shot."

Evans, the favourite for Saturday's main event, replied: "Phil couldn't bust a grape. He hits with an open hand."

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