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I'm gonna knock Bader's head off - Rampage

ESPN staff
February 21, 2012
Rampage Jackson v Ryan Bader

Rampage Jackson is so focused on putting on the Fight of the Night at UFC 144 that he admits he does not care if he loses to Ryan Bader.

Jackson is returning to fight in Japan for the first time since 2006, and he is desperate to remind the fans of his past glories. Rampage was an animal during his days in Japan's Pride promotion, and he retains a huge admiration for the country's love of martial arts.

As a result, Jackson is more determined than at any other point in his UFC career to put on a show. In the eyes of part-time training partner Michael Bisping, that spells a bad night for Bader.

But Jackson says the result is not the important thing on Saturday. He plans to simply go head-hunting, and does not care what Bader has in store by way of a counter.

"I don't give a rat's ass if I beat Ryan Bader or not, I just want to put on the best show the world has ever seen," Jackson said.

"I never claimed to be a martial artist, or a guy who's good at everything. I'm a street-fighter. I don't care what my opponent's doing, I'm a brawler. In a street-fight you walk up and start fighting. You've got no tape on the other guy.

"Bader can come and try and take me down, he can try and submit me, I don't care. I'm prepared to be on my back, I'm prepared to get off my back, defend his takedowns and try to knock his head off."

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