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'Rampage would beat the sh*t out of me!' - Rogan

ESPN staff
February 21, 2012
Rampage Jackson failed to impress Joe Rogan during his title challenge with Jon Jones © Getty Images

Joe Rogan has attempted to make peace with Rampage Jackson, after the former UFC light-heavyweight champion complained about Rogan's biased commentary and fake interview technique.

Rampage, who fights Ryan Bader at UFC 144 this weekend, was not happy with Rogan after his title defeat to Jon Jones, when the UFC co-commentator repeatedly labelled Jackson one-dimensional. Rogan wanted to see more leg kicks from the challenger, a tactic Jackson believes would have been suicide.

"If you win then Joe Rogan's got to do an interview with you," Jackson said to Fighters Only. "And most likely he has been talking some crap about you and how you don't throw leg kicks. 'I don't know why he don't throw leg kicks' - because Joe, I am fighting a wrestler who wants to take me down really bad, that's why I'm not throwing leg kicks."

Jackson was then asked what would happen if he fought Rogan, to which he replied: "I would beat the sh*t out of Joe Rogan."

Rogan has since responded via The Underground forum, where he explained the reasons behind his perceived negative commentary on Jackson's display.

"I think he'd beat the sh*t out of me too!" Rogan quipped. "For the record, I like Rampage a lot. I've always enjoyed hanging out and talking with him. I'm sure if I talked with him about all this stuff he would feel a lot better about it. I'm certainly not hating on him, I'm a fan.

"When I talk about his game it's because I have to analyse things objectively, and I think he's one of the toughest, most dangerous guys in the game. If I describe something that I wish he would do it's because I think his athletic and fighting potential is immense."

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