Henderson tells Pettis to get in line

ESPN staff
February 28, 2012
Anthony Pettis beat Ben Henderson in 2010 © Getty Images

Anthony Pettis has thrown down the gauntlet to Ben Henderson, but the lightweight champion has told his old rival that he will have to wait to get a shot at his crown.

Henderson took out Frankie Edgar at UFC 144 on Saturday to claim the lightweight belt and he has rivals queuing up for a shot.

Pettis was also a winner on the same card, beating Joe Lauzon, and he wants a chance to prove he is the superior to Henderson - having beaten him during a fight in their pre-UFC days.

"If he fights against me, he's not going to hold on to that belt for a while," Pettis told mmamania. "I match up bad for him. If I was him, I wouldn't want to fight me either. Of course, he doesn't want to fight me, for that reason.

"There is no clear No. 1 contender in the UFC [lightweight] division except myself. I'm the last guy to beat him and I just had one of the best performances of my life, so let's make this happen."

There have been calls for a rematch to be given to Edgar and whether that happens or not, Henderson feels it will be some time before Pettis gets his chance.

"I think there's a line," Henderson said. "I don't think he is first in line. I'm going to handle my business, you know, defend the belt a couple times. He's going to handle his business. I'm sure he'll get two or three more wins, maybe highlight-reel wins, maybe sturdy wins against solid wrestlers where he can show and work on his take down defence or whatever.

"But he's going to do his thing and I'm going to do my thing. I'm sure we'll match up one day and I'm sure it will be for my UFC belt. I don't know if he'll be next, but I'm sure it will happen."

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