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It would be unfair if I fight Overeem - Dos Santos

ESPN staff
April 11, 2012
Junior Dos Santos does not believe Alistair Overeem is his biggest challenge in the UFC © UFC

UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos is prepared to fight Alistair Overeem at UFC 146, but he insists it would be "unfair" for the bout to go ahead.

Overeem is facing a Nevada State Athletic Commision hearing after a random drug test showed abnormal levels of testosterone in his body. Unless Overeem can explain the test, which may well happen, he will be out of his May 26 encounter with Dos Santos.

From the Brazilian's point of view, he will fight whoever the UFC puts in front of him. But Dos Santos will not be happy if it is Overeem standing across from him at UFC 146, insisting the challenger would have a huge advantage.

"In case it happens I'll be glad to fight, but I can say that in case they prove the illegal use of those substances it would disrespectful to the sport and disloyal to me," Dos Santos was quoted as saying by O Globo.

"The amount of testosterone in his body can increase like 30 per cent of his strength and aggressiveness, and I heard it from people who really know about this stuff. It would really be unfair, but as a fighter I'll be ready to fight anyone.

"If the Athletic Committee and UFC want to, I'll fight him. I'm a fighter and I'll always be there to fight, but it sure is disrespectful to MMA and how serious the sport is. It's also unfair, it's unfair to me. I have never used these devices to gain strength."

Asked how such a situation can be avoided in the future, Dos Santos commented: "I can say clearly I'm a champ and I never used illegal substances to get there. I'm pro harder tests to evaluate if someone did drugs.

"It must be a clean sport and these surprise tests should happen more often. If Overeem is more aggressive and strong he will handle me better and it's complicated for me. In case I lose, it's unfair."

Overeem may still be able to provide a justifiable reason for the raised testosterone level in his body, but either way Dos Santos does not believe the former Strikeforce man is his toughest rival.

"He would be a great challenge to me, but my greatest challenge was defeating Cain [Velasquez] to get the title," Dos Santos said. "He is the one who would present most danger to me.

"Overeem would also be a good challenge, but not the biggest one. He lacks conditioning and speed. We always say our next challenge is the biggest one so we get better prepared, but I don't believe Overeem would be mine."

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