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Don't believe Greg Jackson's family s*** - White

ESPN staff
April 19, 2012
There was little eye contact between two old friends Jon Jones and Rashad Evans ahead of UFC 145 © Getty Images

UFC president Dana White has warned future students of Greg Jackson to go in with their eyes wide open, insisting the "family" that Jackson tries to create is worth nothing.

White was quizzed over Jackson's involvement in the Jon Jones/Rashad Evans fallout, which saw two friends become enemies when Jones stated his openness to fighting Evans. Prior to that moment Evans had maintained he would never do battle with his colleague, and there is a sense of betrayal heading into UFC 145.

White does not blame Jackson for his part in the fallout, but he did warn future students that business will always come first for the MMA coach.

"There is one thing that is an absolute fact, and no matter how often Greg Jackson pumps that family s***, Greg Jackson is a f***ing businessman," White told Cagewriter. "The more top guys he brings in, the more money he makes.

"There's nothing wrong with Greg Jackson, but he's a f***ing businessman. Some of these fighters, who ought to know better, listen to that s*** and don't take it for the crock of s*** that it is.

"These guys need to make the decision where they train based on where they think they'll get the best work and develop the best, and not on this f***ing crazy idea that you're becoming a part of a family.

"Greg Jackson told Rashad this [fight] wouldn't happen, that they're family and all that other s***, but look what is going on now. Look and see who is at Jackson's and who is not.

"Train where you think it's going to be best for you and if that's Jackson's, that's fine. Just don't buy into this family s*** because there's nothing to it. This is the fight business, not the friend business."

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