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Jones roars back at Sonnen slurs

ESPN staff
August 16, 2012
Jon Jones is the UFC light-heavyweight champion © Getty Images

Jon Jones has fired back angrily after Chael Sonnen made disparaging remarks about him on UFC Tonight on Tuesday.

Sonnen, who has returned to Jones' light-heavyweight division, said: "I could take Jon Jones' belt away, the same as I could take his candy on Halloween. He's a little punk kid."

And Jones took the bait from his outspoken rival, issuing a riposte on Wednesday. "The things you say about me hold absolutely no weight," Jones said on Twitter in a message to Sonnen. "You disrespected Anderson [Silva] and his country, but fought like a child.

"If you're going to disrespect me out of nowhere, at least disrespect me to my face like a man," said Jones. "And you call me a punk. I'm more man than you'll ever be."

Sonnen responded not long afterwards: "Oh I plan to. By the way, how long did it take your parents to come up with your name, Jon Jones. Advice to Jon Jones. Take some of that Nike money, hire new writers."

Sonnen, who lost to Silva at middleweight in his most recent contest, faces Forrest Griffin on December 29.

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