Jones will not fight 'joke' Sonnen

ESPN staff
August 21, 2012
Jon Jones insists he still has many fights out there at light-heavyweight © Getty Images

UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon 'Bones' Jones has insisted he has no intention of fighting Chael Sonnen, branding his fellow American "a joke".

Jones is currently preparing for a title defence against Dan Henderson at UFC 151, but speculation is rife about who the young superstar of the sport will fight next - having dismissed the prospect of fighting Lyoto Machida once again, after the Brazilian was reportedly promised another title shot by the UFC.

Sonnen has made a point of picking out Jones and taking potshots at him ever since moving up to light-heavyweight after losing a middleweight title fight against Anderson Silva. Sonnen has some way to go in the Octagon before he earns a shot with Jones, but Jones insists he has no intention of giving the American what he wants.

"That guy is a joke," Jones told MMAJunkie. "[A title shot is] what he wants, but I'm not going to allow him to get a title fight from talking. It's not going to happen. Chael Sonnen will not get a title fight from using his mouth.

"I will make it very clear to everyone that there's people who are way more deserving of a shot. If he wants to come into the division, I'd consider him top 15 among light heavyweights. The light-heavyweight division is a completely different beast."

Jones believes a lot of Sonnen's past 'trash talk' - particularly prior to the Silva fight - has been nothing short of an embarrassment for him, the sport and his country.

Jones noted: "He mentions Brazilian kids playing with dirt while American kids play with normal toys. He talks about people's parents and families and wives. He's a bona fide bully.

"The Brazilian thing, I lost a lot of respect for him. What he said was racist. It was disrespectful and unacceptable. I have a strong stance on this because I hate what he's doing. You can't just insult a whole country like that. As Americans, we should have been embarrassed by what he did."

Jones added there are a lot of other fighters out there for him to take on at the 205-lb limit, despite some pundits claiming he has already 'cleaned up' the division.

"Styles make these matchups," Jones said. "Phil Davis lost to Rashad [Evans], and I beat Rashad. But that doesn't mean Phil Davis won't give me the fight of my life. Or [Alexander] Gustafsson. He's tall, I'm tall, and he's got long arms. Maybe that would be interesting to see. Or Glover Teixeira. He hits hard. Maybe that would be interesting.

"Styles make matchups. There's guys in my gym right now that aren't in the UFC that make me sweat and bleed. So you can't say I've cleaned out the division - because I haven't. I simply haven't."

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