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Hardy not calling out Matt Hughes, just doesn't like him

ESPN staff
October 10, 2012

Dan Hardy has moved to correct the constant media claims that he wants to fight Matt Hughes, telling ESPN he simply does not like the veteran welterweight and could not care less if he fights him.

Hardy is climbing the welterweight ladder after back-to-back wins over Duane Ludwig and Amir Sadollah, and his name is soon likely to be attached to some of the better-known stars in the UFC.

Top of that pile may well be Hughes, a man Hardy has openly discussed due to their conflicting views when it comes to morals. The Brit has made it clear he is not a fan of Matt Hughes the man - rather than Matt Hughes the fighter - with issues such as the American's love of hunting a topic for disagreement.

"I don't agree with what he does as a person," Hardy told ESPN. "Brock Lesnar's the same but he's less in your face about. It's the hunting thing, but also you can speak to people who work with Matt Hughes and he doesn't seem a nice person generally. I don't like his morals."

Hardy has made such comments in the past, often accompanied in the media by headlines that he is calling out the former champion. Hardy says that is not the case, although he would fight Hughes if the UFC made the bout.

"I get questions on this all the time," Hardy said. "My comments aren't about picking a fight with him. I think he needs his ass kicking but I'm not saying I'm specifically the guy to do it.

"I really have no overwhelming desire to fight him, this is the misunderstanding. My comments about Matt Hughes are about his character and about him as a person.

"His MMA achievements don't factor in. It's a coincidence that we're in the same weight class. If he was in a different weight class I'd still air the same views.

"I'm not pitching a fight... if it's offered obviously I'll take it, but I'm not chasing one of the dinosaurs of the sport purely because I don't like him as a person."

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