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Hardy to help St-Pierre prepare for Condit

ESPN staff
October 22, 2012

Dan Hardy will play a part in George St-Pierre's training camp for the Canadian's UFC 154 title defence against Carlos Condit, the Brit told ESPN.

Hardy has good knowledge of both fighters, having failed in a title showdown with St-Pierre, before getting carelessly knocked out by Condit. Now the reigning champion will tap into Hardy's experiences as he completes his preparations for his long-awaited return.

"The last week of sparring I'll work with him," Hardy told ESPN, before being asked if there were any plans for St-Pierre to return the favour.

"I've never thought about having him help me. I'm sure if I asked him to help, he would. He's that kind of guy. I haven't really thought about it to be honest, but it's something to bear in mind because I learned so much from being around his camp and his coaches. It's a very professional environment."

In Hardy's eyes, it is that professional environment that is the key to St-Pierre's success in the UFC. Asked if the champ is in a different league to anybody else in the welterweight division, Hardy preferred to praise not only GSP, but his entire coaching team.

"I don't think there is another level. It doesn't exist. Some people have a better skill set and obviously he's a great athlete, but he also has a great system around him that works," The Outlaw explained.

"This sport isn't necessarily all about one person, it's about your environment. If you've got a solid gym that you're pushed in and you improve year on year, that's going to benefit you more than somebody who bounces around from gym to gym.

"GSP has a system that works. He works really hard, but he has a system in place to keep that belt around his waist."

Hardy admits his experiences of working with St-Pierre's team will one day inspire him to set up his own gym. The Brit is keen to help nurture the next generation of MMA stars, and he predicts the sport will explode in years to come as more and more big names help the next generation.

"I definitely would like to set up some gyms. Dean Amasinger is doing it now, he's on TUF Smashes with Ross Pearson. He's a really smart guy and structures training sessions really well.

"I would like to go on and do that as well. Now that you've got a lot of UFC stars nearing the ends of their career, you're going to get a lot of gyms opening. That's going to be interesting.

"Take Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture, one will train differently from the other. The more people who retire and go into coaching, the more interesting the sport becomes."

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