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'Opportunistic' GSP still not sure over Silva fight

ESPN staff
October 25, 2012
Georges St-Pierre v Carlos Condit preview

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has vowed to be "more opportunistic" upon his return to the Octagon, although he remains unsure if that means taking a superfight with Anderson Silva.

St-Pierre will have been out of action for 19 months by the time he appears in front of a feverish Montreal crowd on November 17. Opponent Carlos Condit has become the interim champion during that period, but there remains no doubt who is the current 170lb king.

The biggest question GSP will have to answer against Condit will be the physical test after such a serious knee injury. However, looking past that factor, he still has many critics who claim he is too cautious.

Since suffering a shock defeat to Matt Serra, St-Pierre has gone unbeaten in nine fights but finished only three. The criticism is levelled that he protects his victory rather than chasing a crowd-pleasing finish.

"I agree with the criticism. I want to do better. I want to give more entertainment to the fans," St-Pierre told the New York Post. "I've been training to jump more on opportunities that are open to me. I'm still going to fight my fight, but I'm going to be more opportunistic."

Victory for St-Pierre would lead to the biggest calls yet for a St-Pierre v Silva superfight, with UFC president Dana White and Silva himself both claiming they are ready to make the bout. GSP, though, refuses to commit.

"I hate that," he said. "They talk to me about the next fight and I'm not there. Like I'm supposed to win easy, like it's a joke. Carlos Condit is a dangerous guy. I always respect my opponent. My life is on the line.

"I haven't thought about it. I know [Silva's] a big guy. I have to sit down and analyse it."

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