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White: GSP must win to get Silva; Condit break a risk

ESPN staff
October 25, 2012
Dana White talks Georges St-Pierre v Carlos Condit to ESPN

Dana White delivered his views on a number of pressing issues regarding UFC 154 in a recent interview with ESPN, most notably stating categorically that Georges St-Pierre must beat Carlos Condit to book a fight with Anderson Silva.

White also discussed the option of stripping the welterweight champion of his title - following a 19-month absence, and the lack of activity on the part of Condit, but his most telling words regarded the Silva superfight.

St-Pierre meets Condit in the much-anticipated UFC 154 main event, after which there is growing belief that the UFC will try to match the current welterweight champ with middleweight king Silva.

However, one big obstacle stands in the way of that fight: "He's got to beat Condit," White told ESPN.

St-Pierre will return on November 17 after a serious ACL injury that has kept the 170lb title inactive for over a year and a half. Asked if White ever considered stripping GSP of his belt, the president revealed it was never considered.

"No, Georges St-Pierre's been a stud for us, we did the interim championship with Nick Diaz v Carlos Condit, Condit wins and now it's champion v champion. We'll find out who the undisputed welterweight champ is.

"It's driving me crazy because a lot of people are overlooking Carlos Condit and what a serious threat he is. I know a lot of people who respect Nick Diaz and know how tough he is. Carlos Condit won that fight."

After so long out, the headline fight in Montreal becomes an even more intriguing battle when St-Pierre's potential ring rust is factored into the equation. However, White makes an interesting point that Condit too has not fought since February 4.

"I'm a big believer in ring rust. GSP's been out for a while. It's definitely going to affect him," White said.

"But I don't agree with Carlos taking so much time off before this fight. He should have stayed active. It would have been better for him. The more you fight, the sharper you stay."

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