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Hardy grew 'crap beard' to look like Condit, tips GSP

Ben Blackmore
November 16, 2012

Dan Hardy has described his part in Georges St-Pierre's UFC 154 preparations for Carlos Condit, and predicted a "nasty" end for the Natural Born Killer on Saturday night.

St-Pierre brought Hardy to his Tristar Gym in order to spar with a man who has a similar shape and style to weekend rival Condit. And Hardy admits he did his best to get into his part.

"I tried to grow a crappy beard to look like him," Hardy told ESPN. "I have a similar reach, a similar build, and obviously if I stand on my tiptoes - do that bouncing thing that Condit does - I look just like him. Especially with the headguard and beard, it works.

"Seriously, I can put combinations together and throw unorthodox things, and Georges knows I'm not going to injure him, I'm not going to throw a crazy elbow or something, so he can work his counters without fear of getting injured before the fight."

Hardy has fought both men from Saturday's main event, losing by decision to St-Pierre before suffering a knockout at the hands of Condit, after the Brit got sloppy. Using that experience of sharing an Octagon with both men, Hardy is convinced Condit will be frustrated.

"I see GSP shutting him down to be honest. Condit is dangerous if you let him into the fight, and with everyone else he fights he can get into the fight. I don't think he can with GSP.

"GSP controls the fight, beats him up, and maybe if Condit gets frustrated and leaves something open he'll get caught in something nasty."

A St-Pierre win would likely set up a superfight between the welterweight champion and middleweight king Anderson Silva, but Hardy has concerns that the size difference between the two would make it an unfair battle.

"It depends where it's contested. The Anderson Silva of five years ago was closer to 170lbs and it would have made a really interesting fight. But Anderson's fighting at light-heavyweight at times now, and GSP - yes he's a strong guy - but he's not the biggest of 170-pounders.

"I think with the both of them being such talented athletes, the size advantage would actually play out and become a big advantage."

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