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Dodson chasing pigs & squirrels to prepare for Johnson

ESPN staff
January 17, 2013
Dodson on chasing squirrels

John Dodson has warned Demetrious Johnson that he is training with squirrels, pigs and chickens to make sure he is the faster man when they clash for the UFC flyweight title.

Dodson has propelled himself from the TUF Finale to a title bout with just two victories in between, and it is anticipated that his clash with 125lb champion Johnson might be the fastest-pace collision in UFC history.

Both men are known for their speed, reactions and agility, and the charismatic Dodson insisted he is leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of victory.

"I'm working on all aspects to make sure I'm faster with my takedowns, my takedown defence, my jiu-jitsu and submissions. I've got to throw him off his game," Dodson told ESPN.

"I'll be chasing down some squirrels, a lot of pigs, then chase some chickens - try and get that Rocky Balbao thing going. Then I'm going to work on submission after submission after submission.

"He's not going to be preparing the same way I am. There's no way he'll be doing the things I'm doing."

Dodson is happy to let people label Johnson the fastest man in the UFC. He does not claim that title himself purely on the basis of the fact he has not faced the champion to prove otherwise.

"It's not him trying to match my speed, it'll be me trying to match his. I've got to prove I can keep up with him because everybody says he's the fastest man in MMA and I want to prove them wrong.

"I believe in myself that I am faster than him, everyone says he's faster than me, so let's put it to the test.

"I probably have the greater knockout power but I'm not even worried about that. You can't finish somebody if you can't touch them.

"It's going to be 25 minutes of hard, fast-paced action. If I can catch him early, I'm hoping and wishing, but realistically it's going to be 25 minutes of amazing, super-fast action - I'll be bouncing around and he'll be doing the exact same thing."

UFC on Fox 5: Johnson v Dodson takes place on January 26 in Chicago.

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