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Bisping launches verbal mocking of 'penis' Belfort

ESPN staff
January 17, 2013
Bisping rages at Belfort antics

Michael Bisping's blood was pumping following a scintillating press conference staredown with Vitor Belfort on Thursday, after which the Brit launched into a verbal attack on the legendary Brazilian.

Tension filled the Sao Paulo air as Bisping and Belfort squared off ahead of their UFC on FX 7 main event, with the Brazilian visibly emotional and close to losing control in front of the gathered media.

Bisping was instantly asked about the showdown when he left the stage and, having shown much respect for Belfort in the build-up to the battle, he finally let rip over suggestions that the veteran benefits from Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), something Belfort neither confirmed nor denied in a recent interview.

"He's up for it. That's perfect, he bored the sh*t out of me [during the press conference] but he showed some personality at the end, dropped the Jesus act and f***ing got real for a second," Bisping said.

"Do I have to bring my mouthpiece [to the weigh-ins]? Can he control himself? Is roid-rage going to kick in? Is TRT an issue? Are his levels elevated? I think so.

"Have his testicles shrunk? I think so. Does he have a penis? He is a penis. But just because he is a penis, it doesn't mean he has a penis!"

Bisping explained that he merely attempted to conduct himself in his usual manner at the press conference, but was angered by Belfort when the Phenom began to put his fist against the Brit's chin.

Belfort has accused Bisping of being a "hooligan" in the lead-up to Saturday's showdown, but Bisping insists the southpaw fighter has finally shown his true colours after attempting to stay humble for the past few months.

"Usually I like to get near my opponent, but he had his arm fully out-reached, and then started making contact with my chin. And then as I was moving away he got all fired up and lost his cool," Bisping said.

"He says I'm the hooligan, but I've turned up dressed as a professional sportsman. He dressed up as a hooligan and he acted like a hooligan. So all this talk of Jesus and the bible, and honour and respect, went out of the window.

"That's perfect. It's going to be a great fight, fireworks guaranteed. Let alone the fight, the weigh-ins will be good enough."

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