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'You're sh***ing your pants': What Bisping said at weigh-in

ESPN staff
April 27, 2013
'You're sh*tting your pants'

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Michael Bisping got right under the skin of Alan Belcher at the UFC 159 weigh-ins, after he told the American: "You're sh*tting your pants".

Both men made weight for their middleweight co-main event on Friday, but things threatened to get out of hand when Belcher lost his cool at the stare-off.

Bisping was second onto the scales, and when he stepped off to square up to his rival, the Brit was clearly winding Belcher up. Below is what he said.

"Right, you've got your own way boy. Tomorrow night. Ready?

"You're sh*tting your pants. I can see it in your eyes. You're sh*tting your pants!"

At that point Belcher, who has called for a showdown with Bisping for years, threatened "I'll knock your teeth out" before he raised a hand to push the Brit backwards. It was the reaction Bisping had been looking for.

"What the f*ck was that! Holy sh*t!" he laughed as president Dana White stepped in.

Bisping then turned to the camera as Belcher left the stage, adding: "I won't say another word... it'll get me in trouble so I won't."

The pair will get to settle their differences inside the Octagon on Saturday night, on a card headlined by the UFC light-heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen.

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