• UFC 131

Raging White calls for judge to be stood down

ESPN staff
June 12, 2011
Michihiro Omigawa won his fight with Darren Elkins, according to UFC president Dana White © Getty Images

UFC president Dana White was left fuming at the judges after UFC 131, following three bizarre calls on one night.

The UFC recently installed monitors in order to improve the accuracy of judging, but in three separate fights White was left aghast at the scores rendered.

In the night's first bout, Darren Elkins was awarded the win over Michihiro Omigawa, with one judge even giving all three rounds to Elkins. In White's eyes, Omigawa won.

"One of the things I want to say - because you guys always hear me, and I did again tonight, smashing the judges - is the guy that was scoring 30-27, seriously?" White said. "Seriously, the guy who judges that should never be asked back to judge ever again.

"I don't know what the f*** in the world that guy was seeing. He should never judge a fight again, ever.

"Something has to be done about the judging. It has to. It's so bad, and not only does it affect people's lives, it ruins everything for people that are watching. You watch it, and you're like, 'What? What - 30-27? What are you watching?'

"And now we've got TV screens. What the f***? You've got a TV screen. How did you judge that 30-27? We're going to pay [Omigawa] his win money. I don't care what the judge says, he won the fight. … I say he won. Overruled."

The two other bouts that angered White was Demian Maia's clash with Mark Munoz, when Maia seemingly dominated the first round, only to see one judge score the bout 30-27 against him, and likewise in the Diego Nunes v Kenny Florian fight, when Florian was saved by the bell in the first stanza and again was awarded a 30-27 in the eyes of one of the scorers.

"I actually had to go to the restroom (during the Florian-Nunes fight)," White admitted. "I left halfway through the third round. I came back later, and Joe Silva said, 'Can you believe that that was 30-27? I said, 'Someone scored that fight 30-27?"

Switching focus to Maia v Munoz, White added: "I had the first round going to Maia, second round going to Munoz, and the third round was tough to score. Third round was tough. If that went either way in the third round, I could have said, 'Yeah.' But 30-27? Come on."

White also praised referee Herb Dean for refusing to stop the main event between Shane Carwin and Junior Dos Santos, even though Dos Santos was putting pressure on the official to step in.

"Herb Dean is the best referee in the business. I thought it before [tonight]. When you've got a fighter there, sometimes these guys get scared, and they get nervous or whatever, and they don't want to get booed. You're in charge in there. You make the decisions.

"[Dos Santos] says, 'Stop the fight,'" White said. "No, I don't want to stop the fight. This guy can continue. Sure enough, he could.

"If I'm a fighter, and I'm in there, and my record is on the line, my money is on the line, everything, I want to see Herb Dean standing in the Octagon in between me and the next fighter," White said. "I believe [Dean] is the best in the business - maybe the best referee ever in this sport."

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