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US Grand Prix a commercial success

ESPN Staff
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Austin was a success both commercially and in terms of the audience it attracted © Press Association

The city of Austin gained global media coverage worth $191.2 million from hosting the 2012 United States Grand Prix, according to new research by Formula One industry monitor Formulamoney.

This comprised $166.7 million in exposure generated verbally and visually through television broadcasts and a further $24.4 million through mentions of Austin and F1 in print and major online media. The report said that the grand prix also gained exposure for associated advertisers of $150 million, ranking it as the best race of 2012 in terms of brand exposure.

The best-exposed sponsor of the race was series tyre supplier, Pirelli, which in the absence of a race title sponsor took several prime trackside advertising slots for the event resulting in total exposure worth $24.5 million.

The United States Grand Prix also performed well in terms of spectator attendance, attracting the second-biggest race-day crowd, its 117,429 fans placing it second to only to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone where 127,000 people paid to watch. Austin also scored the third-highest three-day attendance of 2012, with 265,499 fans putting it behind only Britain and Canada.