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Concerns grow that Bridgestone might quit IndyCar

ESPNF1 Staff
January 5, 2011 « Banker arrested over F1 rights deal | »
IndyCar currently uses Firestone branded Bridgestones © Getty Images

There are concerns that Bridgestone might now pull out of IndyCar, after leaving Formula One at the end of 2010.

Bridgestone supplied tyres to F1 for 14 years between 1997 and 2010 but withdrew at the end of last year, prompting Pirelli to step into the fold. The Japanese company currently supplies IndyCar with its Firestone brand but failed to renew its contract by the December 31 deadline last year.

The series says it is still in talks with the tyre company, but IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard has told the Indianapolis Star he is ,"Definitely concerned. No doubt, definitely concerned."

He also told Speed.com: "Firestone is evaluating all their marketing assets right now but we're currently in negotiations. We talked again today and I'm optimistic that we're making progress."

Bridgestone has been the sole supplier of the IndyCar Series since 2000.