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'We will see a lot of sideways this year' - Massa

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Felipe Massa says Formula One drivers will have to deal with a lot more oversteer this year, which should produce some spectacular TV pictures for fans watching at home.

On the final day of last week's Jerez test, cold and damp conditions meant several drivers struggled for grip but Massa did not hold back and finished the session quickest of all. He said the combination of reduced downforce levels and increased torque from the new V6 turbos will result in cars going sideways out of corners more often this season.

"We will see a lot of sideways this year," he said. "For sure you are going to see the cars sliding more because you have a lot less grip with some torque. Sometimes you go sideways in the corner because the torque's there and you slide more. But it is never very good to go sideways to be honest because you are losing time. You need to understand how to drive as smooth as possible."

Lower downforce levels, harder tyres and the need to save fuel in races will result in slower lap times compared to recent years. But Massa said the cars still feel quick from behind the wheel.

"What gives the feeling of the power is not just the speed. For example, when you have massive grip on the car, even if the engine is strong the grip is there so you feel that everything is easy. You can go aggressive on the throttle, but you feel the car is less stable because you have less downforce and less grip. With the turbo the torque is coming a lot stronger so it is another thing that makes the wheelspin more possible."

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