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Loose manhole cover caused Barrichello's crash

ESPNF1 Staff
May 22, 2010 « F1 set for New York state? | »
Rubens Barrichello in action shortly before his accident © Getty Images

A loose manhole cover was responsible for causing Rubens Barrichello's spectacular accident in the Monaco Grand Prix.

Barrichello's Williams FW32 was launched into the barriers on the run up the hill out of Sainte Devote after a manhole cover struck his left wheel. It left the Brazilian facing backwards and stranded in the middle of the track.

After Williams conducted a detailed investigation of the wreck, the team was also alerted to the possibility that a loose manhole cover may have led to the accident. As a result, the team has concluded that a loose cover at Turn 2 was indeed to blame for the crash.

A statement issued by the team on Friday night said: "The car was badly damaged in the ensuing crash which ended Rubens' race. This incident has been reported to the FIA."

Barrichello's accident came shortly before a further safety car period caused by a loose drain cover at Turn 3.

The FIA is likely to conduct its own investigation into the matter and could make recommendations to the Monaco Grand Prix organisers to improve the welding down of drain covers for next year's race.