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Barrichello confident he will stay at Williams

ESPNF1 Staff
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Rubens Barrichello thinks Williams is happy with his performance © Sutton Images
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Rubens Barrichello thinks his performance at Williams this season will be enough to keep him at the team in 2011.

Barrichello has scored 22 points in the last two races and currently lies 11th in the drivers' championship, while team-mate Nico Hulkenberg has scored just two points over the entire season. When asked by Autosport if he thinks he will stay at Williams for another season, Barrichello said: "I hope so. I think it would be the natural thing.

"Obviously I haven't signed any contracts just yet. I am not talking to anybody else. As I said, I think Williams would be doing the wrong thing if they were thinking of something else because they already put into the programme of next year, so it would be a waste not to be driving."

"Right now it is almost a waste of time not to have me in the car and driving," he said. "In terms of speed I am performing better than ever and I think this positiveness is just making such a change.

"And people say well, you are not winning races, how can you be so positive? Well it's because as a team you have got to believe as a team we'll produce something that will put us back to the podium area, and then maybe next year make a good car that can effectively bring the first place.

He also said that he sees no reason why Williams can't turn its fortunes around in the coming seasons and get back to winning ways.

"After all my 18 years in Formula One, you can almost say anything can happen," he added. "You would never have said that the Brawn would be such a winning team last year. There is no need for a lot of changes to make this thing win. We need a little bit on the engine side, and we need a little on the aerodynamic side.

"We need to change the characteristic of the car still to have a bit more downforce on some areas that I need. We need to work with the tyres - it's going to be a different tyre. It just needs a little bit of something to make a winning car."

He added that he was hoping to confirm his plans for next year before the four week break after the Hungarian Grand Prix.