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Williams supports testing return

ESPNF1 Staff
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Sir Frank Williams would like his drivers to get more time on track understanding the car © Sutton Images
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Sir Frank Williams says he would be in favour of a return to in-season testing in the near future.

Teams have been unable to test during the season since 2009 after they agreed on a ban in an effort to lower costs. With three new teams having since joined the Formula One grid and a number of rookie drivers promoted in to race seats, calls have been growing for the reintroduction of a limited amount of testing, and Williams told ESPNF1 in an exclusive interview that he would like more time with his cars on track in 2012.

"Well I think I would support that, yes," Williams said. "We just need to have a little more knowledge of our craft. You're under so much pressure to deliver a lap time for qualifying then you hope it all stays together in the race, which we've done for the most part and our car has been remarkably reliable, but there's always a healthy appetite for a little more testing."

With changes being made on a yearly basis and a new engine to be introduced in 2014, Williams said the emphasis had to remain on close racing, while lending his support to the V6 turbos.

"I would imagine that around 20% of Formula One fans enjoy it for its technological advancement as much as they do for the racing, but most people just want to see good racing and this year's changes have certainly promoted that aspect. I like the six-cylinder turbo idea because of the technical way the sport is moving technologically as far as smaller, more fuel-efficient engines."