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Double points could be dropped in 2015

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Bernie Ecclestone has suggested the controversial double points rule will be dropped for 2015 due to the backlash it has caused this season.

The double-weighted Abu Dhabi finale has been widely derided by fans and pundits since its announcement last winter. Ecclestone himself even admitted the system was "probably not fair" but has persevered with the rule, though he seems resigned to dropping it for next year.

When asked whether it would remain for 2015, Ecclestone replied: "Don't know. Probably not. We can't see whether it has worked, so it depends. It just seemed to me the right way to keep the championship open. Otherwise for the last three or four races, people are running in non-championship races."

Ecclestone explained his original intention was for double points to extend further than just one race.

"I wanted it to be for the last three races and then people would believe it was still possible for somebody else to win. But they all say I'm mad, so we won't do it."

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