• Australian Grand Prix - FP2

Rosberg unconcerned by gearbox problem

ESPN Staff
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Nico Rosberg was third quickest in FP2 © Sutton Images

Nico Rosberg said he stopped at the end of FP2 for the Australian Grand Prix due to a gearbox problem which was caused by an error made by Mercedes.

Soon after Lewis Hamilton had run in to the gravel at turn six, Rosberg came to a halt a few hundred yards away as a result of a gearbox issue. However, Rosberg said it wasn't a stoppage that concerned him because the cause was actually in the way Mercedes had set the car up for the afternoon session.

"I had a gearbox problem but it was the way that we used it that was a bit of a mistake and not a mechanical problem as such," Rosberg said.

Asked if he saw it being an issue later in the weekend, Rosberg replied: "No, not at all, we actually knew before the session that it was at risk of breaking because of a mistake that we did ... it didn't handicap me much because I still had a pretty long run there to see what the tyres are doing so it's fine."

While team-mate Lewis Hamilton was effusive in his praise for how competitive the car is, Rosberg was a little more reserved.

"The car was feeling good; I'm pleased with the balance and everything. It's going OK, obviously I've got no idea how much fuel the other people were running and things like that so we'll have to wait and see but it's a positive start ... I expected us to do better than last year, that's for sure, and I think we're going to be able to achieve that."