Bahrain Grand Prix Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir April 19-21, 2013

Total laps 57
Lap distance 5.412 km
Track Conditions Dry / 41C

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Free practice 1  April 19 - 10:00 local | 07:00 GMT | 08:00 BST
Free practice 2  April 19 - 14:00 local | 11:00 GMT | 12:00 BST
Free practice 3  April 20 - 11:00 local | 08:00 GMT | 09:00 BST

Qualifying  April 20 - 14:00 local | 11:00 GMT | 12:00 BST
Race  April 21 - 15:00 local | 12:00 GMT | 13:00 BST

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Vettel returns to parc ferme, stands on his car and enjoys the adulation of the crowd. Grosjean's hugging his team members too after his third place. Kimi looks happy enough with second and congratulates his team-mate as the drivers put on their caps and take on water.

Out the drivers come on to the podium. As good as Vettel's drive was, he had no stern challenge. Rosberg disappeared very quickly as expected, both Ferraris had problems and it did make life slightly easier for him that his nearest on track challenger proved to be di Resta for most of the race.

Vettel raises the winner's trophy above his head and salutes the Red Bull team below. The team learns fast and never looked under pressure with its tyres today.

David Coulthard comes out to speak to the drivers. Vettel: "Flawless, seamless race from start to finish. The pace was phenomenal, the car was very quick and it just seemed to get better and better. Really a beautiful race."

Raikkonen: "Yesterday wasn't ideal ... today a two stop worked well. We gained a lot of places."

Grosjean: "The first three races have been consistent but not where we wanted. The race was harder and we had to have some fights but that's why we're here racing"

With that it's time for us to sign off. Thank you so much for joining us and for all of your questions and comments during what was a hugely exciting race. Stick on for all the reaction and we'll be back with live commentary for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Lap 57

Webber is told he is on to the final lap and to concentrate on his exit out of the final corner... but it hasn't worked! Hamilton uses DRS and is through in to fifth at Turn 1 at the start of the final lap.

Vettel is cruising towards the flag and has the fastest lap for good measure. He's been in a class of his own today.

Vettel crosses the line and wins the Bahrain Grand Prix! Raikkonen is second and a very impressive third for Grosjean, while di Resta is 2.2s back in fourth.

Hamilton crosses the line fifth and Perez passes Webber for sixth! Such a slow final lap for Webber and Alonso almost got him too but ends up eighth ahead of Rosberg in ninth and Button in tenth.

Perez got Webber up the inside in to Turn 6 - he's answered the call from McLaren to get his elbows out today and really outshone Button in the end.

Grosjean's third place is excellently timed as it comes as he was given a new chassis to try and solve some problems. Ultimately, eighth place is a good recovery for Alonso after his problems, but with Massa in 15th is a really disappointing day for Ferrari.

Lap 56

Vettel starts his penultimate lap with a 11.3s lead. Di Resta is three seconds behind Grosjean but the fight behind is still brilliant. Webber still robustly holding off Hamilton and Perez is now having a look at the back of the Mercedes. All the other points places are well spread out

Lap 55

Hamilton having another go at Webber and it's more good close racing down to Turn 4. Hamilton looks to have it done but Webber holds on through Turn 5. Really good stuff - we've seen some quality driving today.

Vettel sets the fastest lap despite warnings not to from Rocky.

Lap 54

I told you how the battle for fifth was covered by 2.5s, it's now less than two seconds. Perez and Alonso side by side through Turn 5 and Perez muscles through! Really good move as Alonso tried to hang around the outside of Turn 4 but Perez wasn't yielding. He's up to 7th.

Lap 53

Hamilton gets the final corner wrong and Webber uses DRS to pass again for fifth. Hamilton needs to do it all again now.

Grosjean 1.2s clear of di Resta who is slower than those behind but has a cushion of 8.6s. Perez has a look up the inside of Alonso at the final corner but thinks better of it.

Van der Garde will be investigated after the race for an unsafe release.

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