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David Haye v Dereck Chisora II is coming

Steve Bunce April 3, 2012

Two months ago there was a fight that was on nobody's lips and that was David Haye against Dereck 'Del Boy' Chisora. Nobody in their right mind was putting these two together; Haye was comfortably retired and Chisora had a really tough fight coming up against Vitali Klitschko. Even on the night of that bout nobody was putting Haye and Chisora together. During Chisora's fight with Klitschko nobody was putting Haye and Chisora together.

However, we all know what happened with the resulting press conference scuffle, which became a global, viral sensation with Del Boy Chisora getting his licence suspended (Haye didn't have a licence so nobody could touch him).

Of course, people everywhere instantly started talking about Haye fighting Chisora, not just because they wanted to see a resolution to the unsightly scuffle, but because inside heavyweight boxing it is - and has become - the biggest available fight. And if there is one thing boxing fans have wanted for the last 300 or 400 years, it is two big men fight each other. It's been that way since bare knuckles in the 18th century, all the way through the 19th and 20th centuries and into the last 12 years. Boxing fans want to see the biggest available fight, whether it's Max Schmeling v Joe Louis, whether it's Muhammad Ali v George Foreman... they want to see it.

Right now, in world heavyweight boxing, there is no bigger fight than Chisora against Haye. That's a fact.

Wladimir is now fighting a guy he's already knocked out, Vitali will no doubt fight someone that Wladimir has also just knocked out... it's ridiculous. The Klitschkos are fantastic athletes, they're great boxers; Vitali v Haye would be a good fight but it's not as big as Del Boy Chisora v Haye.

Once Chisora's suspension has been resolved (an appeal has been lodged) and he gets his licence to fight again, that fight will happen and it will be enormous. There are a lot of questions that were left unanswered from the initial BBBoC hearing and Chisora and Frank Warren will want answers to those questions. I think we'll see Chisora end up with his licence back, and then what's to stop that fight with Haye happening?

Haye will fight anyone who A) provides a test and B) promises to make him a lot of money. The Chisora v Haye fight would provide him with a lot of money. It would be a big test for Haye too because the longer the break lasts since his last fight and a potential clash with Chisora, the bigger chance Chisora has of winning.

Haye needs to get his head right. The former champ's head has not been right for a long time, maybe as far back as when he went and won the title from Nikolai Valuev. The two defences against John Ruiz and Audley Harrison he wasn't even out of first gear, and then of course the Wladimir fight his body might have been in great shape but he wasn't there [mentally] in the ring that night.

A Chisora scrap could be the fight to focus Haye's mind. One of the things that became forgotten by all those that got so righteous with regard to the Haye/Chisora scuffle is that both men were street kids. Forget the gold, forget the millions and forget how polite they can be to the media, these two would have been lost to society had there been no boxing. People forget that. And you never lose that, it's still there, which is why what happened in Germany was so inevitable.

Amir Khan needs to focus on fighting © PA Photos

Luckily I wasn't next to them when they had the fight because I know both of them and inevitably I'd have been in the middle. I know that they're street kids and if you let these two guys - when they're amped up - get in each other's face, there's going to be a fight. Anyone who thought there wouldn't be a fight was f***ing nuts! If I'd have been close enough I'd have got a hand on at least one chest 10 feet before the inevitable happened. That's a fact.

As it was I was preparing the getaway car for Haye!

Britain's No. 1 Khan: Sid Khan
Thankfully there's another Khan in British boxing making headlines for all the right reasons at the moment.

Over the weekend Amir Khan said some ridiculous things about Kell Brook on his Twitter account, making some pretty serious allegations about the Sheffield fighter and thankfully they were quickly taken down.

But later that same day, Sid Khan, who has been training fighters at Earlsfield Amateur Boxing Club in south west London, had three winners in the Amateur Boxing Association Championship semi-finals. This is a staggering achievement for any amateur boxing club and for a man like Sid, it's like a lifetime ambition.

Sid's three young winners were Lewis Adolphe at light-welter, Kirk Garvey at light-heavy and a big kid called Joe Joyce at super-heavy. Joyce is worth a punt now to be part of Team GB at the Rio Olympics.

Amazingly, the day after the semi-finals Sid was back in the corner with 16 of his boys on a club show. That is what boxing is all about, not the garbage that has been floating around in the tweets between Kell Brook and Amir Khan.

Some of what Khan said was potentially actionable, but equally the pair have been trading insults like a pair of soap opera divas and it's about time they were told by the people they employ to shut up and get on with fighting. I hope that one day they can fight each other - it's not quite Chisora v Haye but it's pretty damn good.

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