The inaugural Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is about to get under way with Hamilton on pole and Vettel alongside him

Lap 1

Webber and Barrichello collide at the start, the latter's car ending up with a busted nose

Lap 11

Hamilton runs wide and loses eight tenths of a second, leads by less than a second over the Red Bulls

Lap 17

Hamilton pits from in the lead

Lap 20

Vettel pits after some flying laps, comes out ahead of Hamilton. Hamilton into the pits again, retires with a right rear brake problem

Lap 22

Alguersuari, after a disasterous pit, retires at turn 14 with a gear box problem

Lap 33

Fisichella takes a drive-through penalty for speeding in the pit lane

Lap 42

Kubica spins in ninth place. Leader Vettel into the pits for his second stop.

Lap 55

Vettel takes the flag for his fourth win of the season

Webber and Button are side by side for second and third