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Pirelli reveals images of low-profile tyres

ESPN Staff
July 8, 2014 « Drivers must be free to race - Horner | Massa fastest after first morning at Silverstone »
Pirelli propose 18-inch tyre change
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Pirelli has released computer-generated images of the new 18-inch, low-profile tyres it will be testing at Silverstone on Wednesday.

The tyres are a development concept rather than a ready-to-race product, but will be run by Charles Pic in the current Lotus on Wednesday. Pirelli said it was unlikely low-profile tyres would feature until 2017, but that it would be keen to make them for 19- or 20-inch rims to differentiate F1 from other series like the World Endurance Championship and Formula E that run 18-inch tyres.

Wednesday's tyres are being run purely so teams and fans can get an idea of what the new tyres would look like rather than a true test of performance.

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