• Silverstone Test - Day Two

I have to show Ferrari I'm ready - Bianchi

ESPN Staff
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Jules Bianchi says he has to take opportunities like Wednesday's Silverstone test to prove he is good enough to one day drive for Ferrari.

Bianchi, who drives for Marussia but is part of the Ferrari Driver Academy, stood in for Kimi Raikkonen following the Ferrari race driver's accident on the first lap of the British Grand Prix on Sunday. He said he wanted to show the Italian team that he is ready to make the step up, but is not expecting the call to come anytime soon.

"Well obviously considering that I am part of the academy I think that is the target one day," he said. "I have to show them that I am ready in any case and then we will see.

"At the moment I know it's not the plan for the next years I think because they have a plan for the drivers. So I will just wait and focus on what I have to do which is with Marussia at the moment, trying to get good results.

"I think that we've shown that when we have the opportunity we can do a good job with Marussia too so I think it's really important for me to keep going like this and then if one day they want me I will be ready."

Bianchi set the fastest time of the day, but said consistency was the most important thing.

"I think I was consistent and doing good lap times. Obviously the track is always different so it's quite difficult to always compare everything but it's always good to do some good lap times and be consistent so I'm pretty happy with today, yes."

Asked to compare his Marussia with the Ferrari, he said: "It's obviously got more downforce and this is what we know already. It's good in high-speed corners. We cannot really compare because it is a bit of a different day anyway - the wind was much higher today - we didn't really use the same tyres or the same fuel loads so it's pretty difficult to compare. But what I could feel was that the downforce was higher."