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McLaren abandons 'going radical' in 2014

ESPN Staff
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Eric Boullier says the recent upswing in performance of the MP4-29 has convinced McLaren to continue along its current route of development.

In May Boullier suggested the team would favour a more radical approach if progress had not been made by Silverstone, where the team delivered its highest points haul since Australia with fourth and seventh. Racing director Boullier is satisfied McLaren is moving in the right direction he wants to capitalise by keeping the team focused on its current path rather than considering other options.

"Actually, it has gone better than expected," he said when asked about McLaren's recent development during a McLaren-Mercedes phone-in with journalists. "There won't be any radical change now. We're going to push as hard and as long as possible the development of this car as long as we can carry the concepts over to next year's car."

Austria and Great Britain were earmarked as the start of McLaren's revival after its struggles towards the end of the flyaway races and Boullier feels the team has now put itself schedule.

"The path we have now decided to follow is to push a bit further. The upgrade package that was originally planned for Silverstone - but actually went to Austria - is doing well so now we are pushing to bring every upgrade one race earlier. So in Germany we'll bring more upgrades than originally scheduled."