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Epsilon begins wind tunnel testing in preparation for FIA decision

ESPNF1 Staff
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Joan Villadelprat says the wind tunnel tests are a precautionary measure © Sutton Images

With the FIA set to announce its decision on which team will fill the 13th slot on the grid for next season, Epsilon Euskadi has revealed that it has already begun wind tunnel model testing of its new car.

The contenders in the running for the position are thought to be Stefan GP, Jacques Villeneuve's Durango collaboration and Epsilon Euskadi.

Epsilon team owner Joan Villadelprat confirmed on his team's official website that although testing had started, it was only as a precautionary measure.

"The model was designed, CFD tests were carried out and, finally, a few weeks ago the model was built," said Villadelprat. "We have been conducting wind tunnel tests. The reason why we decided to do it is very simple. We believe in our F1 project but, if we were to be minimally prepared, we couldn't wait until the FIA's decision would be announced. It would have been too late to start.

"If we would be given the license now and have to have the car ready for next year, we would definitely struggle. But if we hadn't had even started with wind tunnel tests, it would be impossible. We made our bet and all the progress we make is and will be useful, at least, to keep building on experience and know how."

Epsilon was recently rumoured to be considering a merger with HRT to better its chances of being on the 2011 grid, but Villadelprat said the speculation was unfounded.

"The truth is that these rumours have no foundation whatsoever. Epsilon has its own Formula 1 project and so does Hispania. What I said was that Mr. Carabante and I were interested in having a conversation to see if there would be any possible of collaboration. Always keeping in mind the nature of our company and provided that there wouldn't be any conflict of interests."