• 5 minutes with ... Edoardo Mortara

A pilot, a kickboxer and potentially F1's next superstar

Naoise Holohan
October 5, 2010
Edoardo Mortara has just won the F3 Euro Series © Sutton Images

The 2010 Formula 3 Euro Series champion talks to GP Week about his dominant campaign this year, his options for the future, kickboxing, learning to fly, and saving up to buy a ring.

Edo, you must be dead chuffed to be F3 Euro Series champion…
It's a great satisfaction for me, for the team, Signature, Volkswagen. We tried to achieve it since 2007 and now we've done it. It's incredible to beat ART who have won the last six championships, just incredible.

Were you expecting to be as dominant as you have been before the season started?
Not really because I knew that ART were going to be really, really strong with both cars and because they won the last six years we were not expecting to be that competitive. We had a tremendous season with six wins so far and four pole positions so it's a great surprise for me, a nice surprise.

Does it take some of the pressure off going into the last race weekend that you have already sealed the title?
For sure you get less pressure on you because you don't have to think about the championship any more. I'm going to Hockenheim to achieve another great result. I'm always trying to do my best and I think it's also going to be good preparation for the race in Macau.

You're going to Macau as the reigning champion. What are your hopes going there this year?
My hopes when I go there this year is to win again. I've won there in 2009, I was second in 2008, I know we have a strong package there to be really competitive and I know the track really well. My hopes are to win it, but it's going to be difficult because you never know with technicial problems or accidents.

Is it a race that you enjoy going back to every year?
I probably enjoy it more than anybody else because I had a lot of success there, and I'm really looking forward to this year

Edoardo Mortara leads the F3 Euro Series field © Sutton Images
Would you have rather missed out on the difficult season you had in GP2 last year?
If I had a choice I would probably have done something else because I didn't really prove or learn anything. I had a tough year in which I could not communicate with my engineer and I had a lot of disappointing weekends and honestly if I had a choice I would not have done it.

You have been invited to test for Audi in the DTM. Is DTM your focus for next year?
It's certainly a possibility. Not only that but there is also GP2 and Formula One, but because I don't have any big support from sponsors and I don't have a huge budget I'm really looking forward to the test in DTM and trying to impress the people there. I'm also linked to the Volkswagen Group family and I will try to stay with them.

Would you be happy to stay in DTM and not break into Formula One?
My passion is to race, it's not to race in Formula One. My aim is to be a winning racing driver. My goal is not to be in Formula One at any cost.

Tell us about your training to become a pilot?
I have already done my PPL (Private Pilot License). I want to get the license which will hopefully allow me to pilot bigger planes. Aviation is the Mortara family business. My grandfather was a flying ace in World War Two. My father and brother are both private pilots today.

Would that allow you to fly the jumbo jets like the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747?
Pretty much. If you've got that license and you pass the specification you can pilot these aeroplanes.

Tell us about your training, you practice kick-boxing to keep fit don't you?
Yeah, free-fighting. I've got friends that are doing the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and I'm training with them which allows me to stay fit. I try to go running also to keep fit, but boxing and MMA is good training for reflex, cardio and upper body strength it's a really complete training.

You have a 350hp Seat Ibiza. That must be nice to drive...
Yeah, only on track though. My friend was selling his Seat and he proposed for me to do a little bit of set-up!

Is it as loud as your F3 car?
No, no, it's not loud. From the outside it is a normal car, it doesn't make any strange noises just that it's bloody powerful!

Have you lived by your promise of getting engaged after winning the championship?
Yeah I'm going to get engaged. I already spoke to the family and now it's just a matter of doing the party and giving the ring, and especially buying it!