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No risk of spectator confusion over rear wings - Whiting

ESPNF1 Staff
March 16, 2011 « Wurz asks GPDA to help Japan | »
A before and after of a moveable rear wing in action © Sutton Images

Television viewers will be shown when drivers use their moveable rear wings during races, in a bid to keep the audience informed amid fears the rule changes could cause confusion.

The FIA has confirmed broadcasters will be given real-time information about the use of the wings, although it is not yet clear how this will be shown on screen.

In a further bid for clarity, the 600m overtaking zone, where drivers will be able to use the rear wings during the race, will be marked by a line on the track, while the timing zone at which the one-second time limit for its use will be measured will also be marked.

"There's no reason to suppose spectators will be confused," said FIA race director, Charlie Whiting. "Operation of the wing is simple, there will be marks on the track to show the area where proximity is being detected and a line across the track at the point where the drivers whose system is armed may deploy it. Furthermore, the television broadcasters will be sent a signal each time a system is armed and this will be displayed to the viewers."

Whiting explained part of one of the free practice sessions may be allocated to allow testing of the operation of the moveable rear wings in a race environment, although the teams were still in talks with the FIA.

He added there was also the facility for the driver to manually operate the system if the electronics failed. "We've written the software to allow a driver to override the system if, for example, the proximity detection failed for any reason," he said. "This would only be permitted if the team had been given a specific instruction to do so from the race director. Heavy penalties would be imposed for unauthorised use."