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Renault stands firm on 2013 engines

ESPNF1 Staff
June 7, 2011 « Twenty races in 2012 - Todt | »
Renault currently supplies Red Bull, Renault and Lotus with engines © Sutton Images

Jean Todt says that Renault has told him it will quit Formula One if the new engine regulations are not implemented in 2013.

A new four-cylinder turbo engine is planned to replace the current V8's in two years time, as the sport attempts to be 'greener'. The FIA president admitted that some of the teams were no longer in favour of the changes, citing Ferrari and Mercedes as pushing for a postponement, but that Renault has said it would not wait for a later date. Todt told Diario Sport that it was a difficult situation because it was the teams who had agreed on the changes in the first place.

"It is they who proposed the regulations, and the FIA who accepted them," Todt said. "The proposal didn't fall from the sky; we had 11 meetings with all the representatives of those involved. When I talk to those responsible at Renault they tell me they will go out of F1 if this new engine does not come in 2013. When I talk to Mercedes and Ferrari they ask me to postpone the introduction for a couple of years.

"They are not against the rules but want them postponed. So in the coming days I will keep up the contacts personally to see where we are."