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Renault losing patience over engines

ESPNF1 Staff
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Ferrari and Mercedes want the engine regulation changes postponed © Sutton Images

Renault is starting to lose patience over the lack of clarification from the FIA about the implementation of the 2013 engine regulations.

In an attempt for the sport to appear 'greener', a new four-cylinder turbo engine is planned to replace the current V8's. However, having previously agreed on the changes, some engine manufacturers are now voicing concerns over the cost of developing the new units, with FIA president Jean Todt saying Ferrari and Mercedes have requested they be postponed.

Todt also said that Renault had told him it would quit if the regulations were delayed, and Renault's managing director Jean-Francois Caubet says the FIA needs to clarify the situation or risk the issue getting out of its hands.

"We want to know what to do rather than delay or defer," Caubet is quoted by Autosprint. "It seems to me that the situation is losing control. We understand and respect the ideas of Ferrari, Mercedes and Cosworth, but we are not willing to accept delays or to see things change in this way. The matter is becoming a problem. It is not clear who is managing the sport."