• Canadian Grand Prix

Lowe not convinced by double DRS zone

ESPNF1 Staff
June 8, 2011 « McLaren faster than Red Bull in race trim - Lowe | »
Canada will feature two DRS zones © Getty Images

McLaren's Paddy Lowe is not convinced the second Drag Reduction System zone at this weekend's Canadian Grand Prix is necessary.

For the first time this season there will be two DRS zones during Sunday's race, one on the long straight out of turn 10 and one on the pit straight. It will give drivers stuck behind a car in front two chances to overtake by using their movable wing to reduce drag, but Lowe believes most overtaking manoeuvres will be sewn up by the end of the first straight.

"This is the first race at which they [the FIA] have had the system fully commissioned to run in two sectors," Lowe told the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes phone-in. "They clearly feel that it will assist overtaking, since that's the point of the DRS, whether it does or not remains to be seen.

"Our own analysis, which hasn't been extensive I must admit, seems to say that it will not particularly help and the role of the DRS will play out mainly in the initial straight from the hairpin, and that the second straight may just aid with performance."

If a driver is overtaken in the first DRS zone he will not be allowed to use his wing in the second zone to fight back.

Lowe added: "In theory if you've overtaken on the first straight, ironically, the guy ahead will be able to continue to use the DRS on the second straight, even though he has already overtaken and he will open up an even bigger gap. We'll just have to see how that pans out."