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FIA warns against teams skipping races

ESPNF1 Staff
February 11, 2010 « Tyre concerns after wet test | »
The FIA said teams will be in breach of the Concorde Agreement and FIA regulations if they miss a race © Sutton Images

The FIA has clarified suggestions that teams will be allowed to miss up to three races a season without punishment.

On Sunday Bernie Ecclestone revealed that the teams could skip three races under a clause in the Concorde Agreement and FIA president Jean Todt appeared to confirm the news on Tuesday. However, the FIA has now issued a clarification, suggesting that any team absent from a race will be in breach of their contracts with the sport and could face punishment.

The statement read: "From a sporting and regulatory point of view, each team that has registered for the championship is obliged to take part in every event of the season. Any failure to take part, even for just one championship event, would constitute an infringement both of the Concorde Agreement and the FIA regulations."

The issue was raised as a result of concerns that Campos and US F1 may not be ready in time for the first race. Both teams have consistently denied the rumours, but Ecclestone has continued to cast doubts over them and has touted Serbian outfit Stefan GP as a possible replacement.