• Brazilian Grand Prix - Qualifying

Vettel doesn't expect Webber's help

ESPN Staff
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Sebastian Vettel failed to set a time in the top three for the first time in six races © Press Association

Sebastian Vettel says he does not expect to receive any help from Mark Webber during tomorrow's Brazilian Grand Prix.

Webber lines up third on the grid, one place ahead of Vettel who needs a top four finish to secure his third consecutive drivers' championship. With McLaren locking out the front row and looking quick in race trim, Vettel was questioned on when he would expect Webber to allow him through but he said the focus would be on both drivers to concentrate on their own races.

"First of all both of us have to focus on our start," Vettel said. "The situation is clear for all of us and for the two of us; Mark drives his race, I drive my race, fair enough. I think this is why we're here, to race and race each other. As I said I focus on my launch and ideally maybe I'm already side-by-side! But I think there's a long way before we get to that, a lot of stuff to do, to go through, to prepare for tomorrow and I think you then react fairly quickly given whatever situation you're in down to turn one and accordingly the first lap."

When pressed that he would expect a switch to take place at some point, Vettel simply replied: "I do not expect anything."

As far as Red Bull's approach to the race goes, Vettel said he would be chasing victory.

"It's quite easy, generally we don't come here to finish second, fourth, fifth or tenth. Now we've finished fourth today in qualifying which maybe is not the best position we could have got but I think still we can be quite happy and starting fourth is not a disaster. There's more people behind us than in front of us and if we would be 24th then that would be disappointing, but I'm happy with fourth and there's plenty of opportunity tomorrow in terms of tactics. The most important is that tomorrow we are present, we are ready to attack and we are hungry, so that means whatever happens we are there and we are ready to react rather than asleep, thinking about too many things at the same time and doing the wrong things."

Vettel added that he was unconcerned by Felipe Massa's presence one place behind him on the grid.

"I'm not worried, we have mirrors on the car but hopefully we don't have to use them. So obviously as soon as the lights go off we try to attack the guys at the front. On top of that there might be a couple of things happening tomorrow different to the weekend so far with the weather forecast being as it is etc so I'm not looking left and right too much to be honest."