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Alonso not planning to leave Ferrari

ESPN Staff
September 20, 2013 « Turn 10 an improvement - Webber | Red Bulls unmatchable - Raikkonen »
Fernando Alonso says he's going nowhere © Sutton Images
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Fernando Alonso does not intend to break his Ferrari contract and return to McLaren in the next three years, despite rumours at this weekend's Singapore Grand Prix that the British team is courting his services again.

Alonso has a Ferrari contract until the end of 2016 but was linked to a Red Bull drive earlier this year and is now being talked about as a possible replacement for Sergio Perez, either this year or in 2015. The rumours have been fuelled by the news that Kimi Raikkonen will join Alonso next year at Ferrari, potentially upsetting the Spaniard, but he has made quite clear that he does not want to leave.

"I repeat every weekend and I keep repeating it, I love Ferrari and I want to be in Ferrari until the end," he said. "It's nice to hear comments from all the team principals every year saying they respect my professionalism, and especially McLaren.

"There were so many rumours that we had a lot of problems in 2007, I always say I had no problems with anyone, it was just the philosophy of the team and especially one man who is no longer there. It's good to hear these comments but there is no intention to leave Ferrari. I have three more years and hopefully many more to come if we can extend the contract and that will be my hope."

McLaren driver Jenson Button said the Alonso rumours were simply the result of an idle media speculating on the driver market.

"It's utter rubbish I would say. I don't know why he would leave the team. It's his family and I think it's people making stories up because we've run out of stories. Everyone has decided where they are going for next year."