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Engine unfreeze not selfishly motivated - Mattiacci

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Marco Mattiacci does not want the engine freeze to be lifted because it will benefit Ferrari but because he thinks it will benefit Formula One as a whole.

Mattiacci has spoken out before about his desire to see a tweak to the rule which says changes cannot be made after engines are homologated, as they were at the beginning of the current season and will be again in 2015. The only changes that can be made after that are for reasons of reliability, safety or cost-saving.

The rule was especially costly for Renault and Ferrari this season, as they have remained on the back foot against the dominant Mercedes power unit. When it was put to him that this could be a 'magic bullet' for Ferrari and Renault in catching Mercedes, Mattiacci replied that he was looking at the bigger picture.

"We never worked from the cynical angles and tactical angles to say let's do this softening of the rules so we can catch up with Mercedes," Mattiacci said. "That's totally untrue and probably misleading for my people. The starting point was that in Formula One I cannot wait one year to work on the engine and the power unit. At least at Ferrari we don't believe this is a magic bullet. If someone believes it, they are not at Ferrari. It's a way to talk about innovating and keep working on the car."

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