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Hamilton: Relationship with dad perfect now

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Lewis Hamilton celebrates victory in Singapore with father Anthony and step-mother Linda © Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton says he and his father Anthony finally have the relationship he always dreamed of following the pair's professional split in 2010.

Hamilton's decision to separate from manager Anthony at the beginning of that season was motivated by a desire to be his own man, as well as his hope of returning to a normal father-son relationship. Anthony had been with his son from the early days of his career, and managed him through his GP2 title, entry to F1 and world championship in 2008.

After winning decisively in Singapore with his father in attendance, Hamilton says he feels like he is now reaping the rewards of the pair's new relationship.

"I remember when I spoke to [journalists] a few years ago when I parted with my dad as manager," Hamilton said. "I said to you I can't wait for the day that he's here just as my dad, and that's what you're seeing. That's one of the greatest feelings. Today [speaking on Sunday], for example, he came to the car as I got in and shook my hand. That's very, very special. Usually I hug him before I get in, but I think he was in the toilet or something. I missed him.

"Since the first day I ever got in the car, I remember the day of my first race, and I created a handshake with him. When he came to the car, even though we didn't do the same handshake, it feels the same as when I was eight years old saying good luck, and there with me all the way. That's one of the most special feelings."

Hamilton says he will always remember the sacrifice his father and the rest of his family made to maintain his early karting career, making their strong support this season all the more special.

"I can't imagine his mentality to get the four jobs to get the kart together, or bend it back into shape because it's the oldest car in the world. Try and get some fuel, all those kind of things. Going through all that crap to being at the pinnacle of the sport. I'm hugely proud of my family."

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